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Ow. Yet again.
I was having a fairly productive day reorganizing our bedroom closet and dressers, but then I had to try to close the closet door and it came off the slider. BAM. Smacked myself hard across the forehead, eye, and cheek. I am very grateful that my glasses did not break. I don't seem to be seriously injured, but I am somewhat rattled. Also, irritated that the door is off its slider now.

I also have a sore ankle again, but this time it's the left ankle. I don't know whether I stressed it while favoring my right ankle last week, or whether it just felt left out and wanted time with an icepack too, but it started complaining during my re-org extravaganza, and got *really* sore on the stairs at the gym. I think I will probably icepack it when I get home.
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Ankle Update
I used an icepack last night on my ankle. I was playing WoW at the time, so there was a curious juxtaposition of playing a fire mage while deliberately chilling part of my body.

The icepack helped the pain and swelling a lot, but the ankle was still super-tender and rigid when I went to bed last night, barely able to flex at all.

The overnight recovery has been substantial. My ankle is still quite sore and tender, but it is no longer rigid and can be flexed again. This is a relief, because last night I was concerned that I would be hobbling around all day long the next day. I am going to try not to stress my ankle much, but it's at least functional again, even if it's still aching and painful.

I caught myself trying to adopt the same position in my work chair this morning that caused yesterday's injury. I stopped myself as soon as I noticed, but it's disturbing to realize that I could easily wreck my ankle again completely by accident, just from sheer force of habit. I also notice that even having been in that position for 4-5 seconds was enough to make my Achilles tendon feel strained. So leg-crossed-under-myself is a position I should seek to avoid.
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Ouch. Major ouch.
There's a certain amount of irony that after more than three months of injury-free workouts at the gym, today I managed to injure myself merely by sitting in my chair at my sedentary desk job.

From force of habit, I tucked my right foot up onto the edge of the seat, underneath my left thigh, basically making my legs into a seated figure-4 pattern. This was actually comfortable at first, and I was so intent on the support questions I was fielding that I lost track of precisely how long I kept my foot in that position. It must have been at least 30-40 minutes, and however long it was, it was too long and there were consequences. My foot was alarmingly numb at the end of it - well beyond the pins-and-needles kind of numb, more in the 'my foot *is* still alive, isn't it?' kind of numb.

As feeling gradually returned, I walked around on it, putting it through its paces. It quickly became obvious that I had wrenched or popped the ankle somewhat. That was a minor annoyance at first, but as the day it continued the aching intensified. I also started getting pains within the foot itself, as though the bones in the middle of my feet had pinched a nerve. My poor arches.

The nerve-pinch-y sensation dominated for most of the afternoon, but after getting home the wrenched ankle decided to take another turn at making me miserable. Pulling off my sock was a shock, and showed me that it had swollen more than I had realized. I did some minor clean-up and re-org stuff around the house, for as long as I could stand to be on my feet, but at this point, it's done. The ankle is pulsing and throbbing (despite two Aleive) something fierce right now.

Good thing tomorrow is my chest and arms day at the gym. Though the stairs getting to and from the weight room and locker room are probably going to be excruciating. Or perhaps I will surprise myself and wake up tomorrow in better shape than anticipated. Heal, ankle, toe!
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I had meant to post this first thing this AM, but there has been no time until now.

When I was done with my morning workout, having showered and changed into work clothes, I walked back to the car and felt the nicest, coolest breeze washing over me. It had that hint of crispness in the air that says that autumn is on its way.

Granted, we've got almost a month yet to go before the upcoming equinox makes it officially autumn, but I usually judge my seasons less by the calendar and more by the feel of the wind and the air and the look of the skies. While it's certainly possible that Summer might have a last gasp or two left to surprise us with before the year is out, I want to say that this morning? That was a pure autumn morning, to be sure. Hopefully it will have a lovely afternoon to match it.

Autumn has always been my favorite season. I love days that are sunny but not too hot, the clearness of the skies, the refreshing breezes, the cool evenings that are perfect for snuggling up with a good book or a special person (or both). Later on there will be stunning displays of color, too.

In short, autumn is both gentle and spectacular. It is the one season during which I truly love the climate of this area. Someday when I move away from here, I will almost certainly be wisftul for autumn in Indiana.

October is my favorite month by far, but for the time being, this will do quite nicely.

Today is cool and bright and refreshing. I feel energized, somewhat more alive than usual.

Welcome, Autumn. I've been missing you.

Unconventional again
The convention game went well, and we had a good time in general. I may feel motivated to write more about it later on. For the moment, suffice it to say I'm back at my usual level of frazzled now (instead of being maxed-out on frazzle, as I was for the last week and a half pre-convention).

The convention game that ate my life...
So. Aside from appropriate breaks for nutrition, hydration, and hygiene, I spent all day Saturday, most of Sunday, and most of the time this morning between waking up and going to work on various tasks related to preparing the game I am (co-)GMing at GenCon. It's an eight-hour extravaganza with plenty of props to make and whatnot. There really is so much left to do and so little time left to do it that I am concerned that we will pull it off.

Actually past experience has me confident it will work, but I don't want it to just kind-of work, I want it to be amazing and awesome and mind-blowing. I have been having anxiety dreams about the players/contestants being underwhelmed and disappointed, so I am trying like all get-out to make sure that a marvelous time will be had by all. And frazzling myself in the process. Sigh. I am trying to shield my co-GM, spanishbubbles, from most of my stress because I know so much of it is just me getting worked up and flogging myself into a perfectionist frenzy when really, so much of it is already in 'good enough' territory that it really ought to be OK. But despite my efforts to damp it down, at least some of my time-stress is bleeding through and affecting the people around me. She's been a trouper as far as helping, and redbeardsean has also done more than his fair share of stuff around the house, too, in order to free up my time and sanity as much as possible for this big project.

All of this also means that I did not get to the gym this morning. Between being rather short of sleep (I got up too early Sunday morning and went to bed way too late Sunday night), pressed for time (I managed to fabric-glue 12 insignia to 12 freshly-laundered fleece headbands this morning!), and still residually sore from last Friday's workout, I decided to just skip the gym this morning. Somewhat regretfully, but not regretfully enough to make me go ahead and do it.

Normally this would not concern me... I could always go tomorrow morning. But frankly I don't anticipate being in any better condition sleep-wise or time-wise by then. Ditto Wednesday. It's really looking as though I might be taking an entire week off and picking back up after the convention. Which sucks, because I was just getting to the point where gym had become a habit and now it feels like I'm ripping myself off by not going... but there's just not enough time. Not with the convention game hanging over me.

Part of me knows that I will have fun running the game, as always, and unless something awesome happens it will probably wind up being the highlight of my GenCon experience, as it usually is. But the anxiety and stress are telling. Most of the stress is still this-is-gonna-be-great! fun-anticipation stress, but a significant enough percentage of my stress is unhappy-anxiety-stress that I have to strongly consider the possibility that this is the onset of burnout. Perhaps I should give it a rest for a while, after this year's game is complete.

Hopefully my gym routine will be OK if I pick it back up again next Monday. I'm liking the new shape to my arms and shoulders, and have just now started to see visible signs of the chest starting to change shape, too... it would be a pity to lose all that now. Perhaps a week won't make too much difference in the grand scheme of things, but I'm worried about the loss of momentum. My current attitude about not *wanting* to lose momentum does speak pretty well toward getting it picked back up again afterward, though... I'm definitely motivated for this hiatus to be brief and temporary, rather than lasting. I've worked too hard to give up now.

Adjusting to routine...
I overslept and thus missed my window of opportunity for heading to the gym this morning. I could have gone anyway, but only would have had perhaps 15 minutes of time to work out... not enough time to do things well. So I'm going to go after work instead, even though the gym will likely be crowded, plus we have plans with friends at 7 PM, so the timeframe is still kind of tight. Hopefully it will all work out, one way or another.

I find myself glad that I'm on a split routine now, because the outer part of my chest (the connection to the shoulders, especially) still feels achy-sore from Tuesday's workout. It's a good thing the chest and arms have another 2 days to recover before I give them another heavy workout.

Edited to add: I goofed up and left my gym bag at home. I won't be able to work out this evening after work, because I won't have gym clothes to change into, and we're not allowed to wear regular street clothes in the gym... especially stuff like jeans, presumably because of the rivets.

Urgh. Guess I'll work out tomorrow morning instead.

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Fun, Not Fun, Fun
Today while dropping things off at the recycling center, I saw a Tom Servo head in the "re-use" dropoff/pickup area, apparently abandoned and in search of a new home. Someone had obviously taken the trouble to paint an old gumball machine the correct shade of red to match the plucky 'bot. Far be it from me to pass up such a serendipitous find, so home with me Tom came. Fun!

I also appear to have mildly screwed up my right knee at the gym this morning. It doesn't really seem to hurt when it's in a specific position, but changing from flexed to straightened or vice versa makes it ache. This afternoon I find myself walking with a peculiar stiff-legged gait, trying to minimize right-side flexion in between strides. The left knee is also doing a bit extra work to compensate. Not fun.

We're going to go see the sixth Harry Potter film this afternoon. I think I will wear my Wizard Pride t-shirt. Fun!

I'm still feeling sad and upset this morning. I totally do not want to go to the gym today.

I normally work out Mon-Wed-Fri, but I did not go yesterday (Wed) due to being too pressed for time to get a good workout in. When deciding to skip yesterday, I told myself I could make up for it by doing Mon-Thur-Sat this week instead. Now it's Thur morning and my mood is in a terrible place, but I have to deal with it anyway because I promised myself I wouldn't blow off my workout entirely.

So, away I go. I'm not really sure how ambitious I will be when I get there, though.


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