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Up or Down, today...?
Today has been strangely mixed.

I awakened 20 minutes or so before my alarm was due to go off, feeling completely refreshed. Unusual, that.

(The waking up refreshed part is unusual, I mean. Not the waking up before my alarm, which happens a lot.)

Got ready and went to the gym and for once had the luxury of having extra recovery time between sets so that I could relax, refocus, and so forth, rather than running pall-mall from machine to machine in a mad frenzy to get done and showered in time for work.

Showered, changed clothes, left the gym and headed to work feeling like a million bucks.

Then I decided to nuke my oatmeal in the microwave before heading upstairs to sign in. I futzed with a printer jam while my oatmeal was cooking, and consequently it made a huge fractacular mess and wasted about half of the food. I tried to salvage the part that was still inside the bowl (because I was hungry, and the oatmeal had been mixed with my precious protein powder) but the edges of the bowl were so hot that I dropped it, making even more of a mess and ruining whatever was left of breakfast. Sigh.

Then a kind co-worker offered me a tangelo and two slices of swiss cheese so that I would not have to go hungry. (Thanks, Ann. Not that I think she actually reads this journal, but thanks just the same.)

I finally got upstairs and signed in, but missed something because I was significantly later than usual because my timing had been thrown off by my kitchen disaster. Sigh.

Today (moreso than most days, even) seems to have the potential to flipflop from good to bad and back again. I find myself wondering what other surprises the day holds, and whether there's something in flux, cosmically speaking, that I should bear in mind with regard to my upcoming decision-making.

Edited to add: Hmm, we just got free breakfast buffet leftovers from a conference being held in the building, so I suddenly have quiche, yogurt, bagel and cream cheese, and iced tea to drink. Second Breakfast is a very nice surprise!

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I can't stop laughing over "fractacular." It's so expressive for this kind of microcatastrophe. I'm glad you got some breakfast. I would be in bad shape by lunch time if I had to go without, especially on a gym day.

Then again, it sounds like it was the universe conspiring to be sure you had appetite for the good stuff!

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